Getting Organised – January 2018 Review

An update on everything I’ve done this month, with tips on the strategies and resources I’ve used to help me achieve my goal of getting organised this year.

As I want 2018 to be my year of getting organised I’ve decided to do something a little different. Instead of writing a post each month just on the books I’ve read, I’m going to expand it into more of a general overview of how I’m doing with all my goals.

The format of these posts and what I decide to include will no doubt change as I go along. It’s all part of the process of being flexible and finding what works best – a philosophy I’m trying to apply to my whole life! Continue reading “Getting Organised – January 2018 Review”

A Day in Dulwich

The world’s first purpose-built art gallery, Ernest Shackleton’s boat, an old college, an American Garden and a lovely high street. I found plenty to see and do when I spent a day in Dulwich recently.

One of the things I’m trying to do when I visit London is to see more than just the usual tourist areas. Having lived there for over ten years (though not all in one go) I feel I know the city pretty well and I know that there’s plenty to see and do outside of the West End. I also know that there are still lots of areas well worth exploring that I’ve yet to visit. Continue reading “A Day in Dulwich”

A Day in Walthamstow

What do William Morris, Europe’s longest street market, an ancient house and 26,000 burials have in common? They’re all found in Walthamstow.

London is far more than just the West End. If you’re visiting and you have more than a couple of days, or if it’s not your first visit and so you’ve already been to Madame Tussaud’s and the Tower of London, then it’s well worth exploring a bit further than the usual Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Covent  Garden circuit.

Hop on a tube or bus and get out into the surrounding towns and suburbs. They are all so different and have their own characters and sub-cultures, and as there’re always plenty of interesting things to do and places to eat, not only will you have a great day, but you can go home and say you’ve seen a bit of the ‘real London’ too. Continue reading “A Day in Walthamstow”

What I Read in December 2017

Each month I write a short review of the books I’ve read. This is what I read in December.

I didn’t do too badly with my reading in December. I managed to read six books even though I was really busy. I read a couple of thrillers by authors I’m very familiar with, but also discovered a new (to me) author too. And I read a few books that weren’t thrillers. All in all, a good month.

Read on to find out more about what I read in December. Continue reading “What I Read in December 2017”

Goodbye 2017 … Hello 2018

A review of the things that went well in 2017 and what I want to get even better in 2018.

Did 2017 seem to fly by as quickly for you as it did for me? As I’m preparing and planning for 2018 I’ve realised that most of my planning is actually what I was planning on doing in 2017, but never got round to. Not because I couldn’t be bothered, but because it seems like the whole year has gone by in a blink and I had so much going on I barely had time to think about my action list let alone act on it.

Maybe the year went so fast because lots of good things happened and I seemed to be leaping from one good thing to the next. There is definitely truth in the saying ‘time flies when you’re having fun’. Continue reading “Goodbye 2017 … Hello 2018”

What I Read in November 2017

Each month I look back at the books I’ve read and write a very brief review. This is what I read in November.

November has been pretty busy and as I’ve jumped from one thing to the next I’ve found it difficult to focus on one thing in particular. The same thing happened with my reading. I started reading quite a few books this month, but only got around to finishing three of them. And they were all easy-reading thrillers. Read on to find out more about what I read in November. Continue reading “What I Read in November 2017”

Muscat Fish Market – A Photo Essay

An early morning visit to the new Muscat fish market in Muttrah was a fascinating glimpse into ‘life behind the scenes’ in Oman.

Earlier this year Muscat fish market moved into a new purpose-built hall. I wondered if ‘health and safety’ and, you know, basic consideration for the comfort and well-being of the men working there might have made it less atmospheric and photogenic, but I still jumped at the chance of an early morning visit. Continue reading “Muscat Fish Market – A Photo Essay”

Spending the Day on a Boat in the Gulf of Oman

What better way to spend a day than having your bottom thrashed as you are dragged behind a speeding boat. This is just one of the things that happened during my boat trip in the Gulf of Oman. Read on to find out what else happened.

Sometimes I feel very lucky. This was one of those times. Why? Because not only do I have friends in the beautiful desert country of Oman and not only do these friends invite me to visit them and show me around, but … big but … a couple of them even have a boat and invited me to spend the day with them on a boat trip in the Gulf of Oman. Continue reading “Spending the Day on a Boat in the Gulf of Oman”

Swimming in a Sinkhole

A beautiful desert sinkhole filled with warm, clear water and fish that nibble your feet. Why go to an expensive spa when you can swim in Bimmah Sinkhole?

On my recent visit to Oman I was lucky enough to have a friend take me out for the day to explore some of the desert near Muscat. After starting our day at Muscat’s fish market we hightailed it out of the city (or would have done if it hadn’t have been rush hour) and headed first of all to the Bimmah Sinkhole. Continue reading “Swimming in a Sinkhole”

Wadi Shab – A Spectacular Gorge Walk in Oman

I didn’t get time to explore Wadi Shab fully, but the bit I saw makes me want to prioritise a revisit next time I’m in Oman. However, there are some things I need to do first. Like improve my swimming.

A Wadi is a dry riverbed that in times of rain can quickly become flooded and inaccessible. As it doesn’t rain very often in Oman this is unlikely to be a problem if you want to visit. However, if it has rained do take advice before visiting.

Wadi Shab is about 90 mins drive from Muscat on the road to Sur. The entrance is spoilt by the modern highway bridge that straddles the two sides, but it doesn’t take long to lose sight of it once you start walking into the gorge. Continue reading “Wadi Shab – A Spectacular Gorge Walk in Oman”