Muscat Fish Market – A Photo Essay

An early morning visit to the new Muscat fish market in Muttrah was a fascinating glimpse into ‘life behind the scenes’ in Oman.

Earlier this year Muscat fish market moved into a new purpose-built hall. I wondered if ‘health and safety’ and, you know, basic consideration for the comfort and well-being of the men working there might have made it less atmospheric and photogenic, but I still jumped at the chance of an early morning visit.

Muscat Fish Market
Muscat’s new purpose-built fish market

I don’t know what the old market was like, but this new one still managed to pack in plenty of photo opportunities despite the air-conditioning, refrigeration facilities and modern stainless steel stalls. I spent a good half hour or so wandering around with my camera, taking photos and chatting to the guys selling the fish.

Muscat Fish Market
Although I was told the names of many of the fish, I didn’t really catch what was said a lot of the time. And the rest of the time I just forgot. A fish is a fish right …
Muscat Fish Market
… but if you know what any of the fish are called, please let me know in the comments

A few had caught the fish themselves, but mostly the sellers seem to be just dealing with the sales end of the business.

Muscat Fish Market
Waiting for customers

Although most other people were there to buy, my friend and I weren’t the only tourists wandering around with  cameras. The men didn’t seem to mind and even held up fish for us to photograph when they spotted us looking at their stalls.

Muscat Fish Market
Many of the sellers held up their fish when they saw we wanted to take photos.
Muscat Fish Market
A shark stall

The market is located near Port Sultan Qaboos in the Muttrah area of Muscat. The port is used by cruise ships and so is an easy ‘attraction’ for tourists on the ships to visit, so I guess they are well used to visitors.

Muscat Fish Market
It might be an all-new market, but I think these scales made their way over from the old market
Muscat Fish Market
And new market or not, some things are still done the good old-fashioned way – like transporting fish in a rusty old wheelbarrow
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Muscat Fish Market
Love the yellow-tipped fins on these fish …
Muscat Fish Market
… and the spots on these fish

The 1,410 square metre hall which houses the market is long and has its 120 stalls laid out in rows. At the far end was  an enclosed area used for cutting and cleaning fish.

Muscat Fish Market

Want some ideas of other fascinating markets around the world to visit? How about the market in Chania, Crete? Or the massive Christmas markets in Manchester?
Muscat Fish Market
Big fish …
Muscat Fish Market
… and little fish …
Muscat Fish Market
… and some medium-sized fish
Muscat Fish Market
Yellow fish …
Muscat Fish Market
… and pink fish

Across from the fish market is a fruit and vegetable market. I had a quick wander through it, but the main attraction was definitely the fish market.

Muscat Fish Market
The fruit and veg market
Muscat Fish Market - date stall in the fruit and veg market
All kinds of dates sold in all kinds of ways – at the fruit and veg market

Do you like visiting markets? Are there any you’d recommend? Share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments below.

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Muscat Fish Market - Before the oil there were the fish. A visit to the newly built Muscat fish market in Muttrah provides an opportunity to see a traditional side of Omani life in a modern 21st century setting.

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