Friday Flickr – Dubai

Dubai didn’t live up to my expectations. This was a good thing.

dune driving in Duabi

Dubai had never appealed to me as a tourist destination. I’d considered living there and using it as a base for travelling around the region, but not as a destination in itself.

I mean, what’s the point in going all that way just to go to a shopping mall right?

But when I got the chance to visit on a stopover I jumped at it and turned my brief stopover into a four day stay. It might be just malls, but it was still a new place for me to explore and a good opportunity to see if it was somewhere I could live one day.

As it happened I only went into a shopping mall once and that was just to grab lunch and pick up the minibus for a desert trip I’d booked.

There is sooo much more to do in Dubai than malls.

I barely stopped for the entire four days and still didn’t get chance to see and do everything I wanted to.

Would I go back? Hell yeah!

After all, I’ve still got the other Emirates to see and there are regular buses from Dubai.

Would I live there? Probably not so much. If I was going to live in the region I’d most likely choose Oman and keep Dubai for weekends away.

This week’s Friday Flickr is a collection of my photos picturing Dubai and there’s not one mall picture amongst them.

To access the Flickr album click on the image below.


Have you been to Dubai? Were you surprised to find more than just malls? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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    1. It was 8 years ago! Where does the time go? I’ve got a new laptop and I’m going through all my old photos, having a great time reminiscing.

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