Going Live

Going live with my website means I can finally get that challenge ticked off my 60 before 60 list.

Drum roll …

So it’s still far from perfect.

I have too many posts still sitting in draft meaning I have months on my blog with no content. I haven’t designed the snazzy eye-catching banner I can visualize, but can’t get down on paper. I have a logo image, but haven’t worked out how to actually turn it into a logo yet. I have old posts that lost some of their photos and formatting when I imported them from my old blog.

But …

Drum still rolling …

I’ve clicked the button and gone live with my website regardless.

I’ve been reading a lot and learning a lot in recent months and everything and everyone basically says the same thing … if you wait for perfection you’ll never get anywhere.

By putting out an imperfect blog and website I may get some readers who tut and click away as they stick their noses in the air and mutter about my imperfections, but some readers will stick around. The ones who get what I’m trying to do and after all are the ones I want, they’ll be the ones to stick around.

If I keep waiting I’ll have no readers at all. Not even the ones who mutter.

So I’ve done it. I’m live. Welcome to InvertedSheep.com everyone.

Step into my upside-down, topsy turvy world and join me in my journey to live a life less boring.

Have you got any tips for living life on your own terms? Share in the comments below.

Author: Anne

Join me in my journey to live a life less boring, one challenge at a time. Author of the forthcoming book 'Walking the Kungsleden: One Woman's Solo Wander Through the Swedish Arctic'.

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