Preparing to be a Practical Pilgrim

A rather long-winded explanation for why I’m walking the Camino de Santiago this summer.

Some walking trails jump out at me and demand that I walk them. (I’m thinking of you Kungsleden!). Others, not so much.

The Camino de Santiago is one of those not so much ones.

The scenery looks stunning (I’ve driven over the Pyrenees and would love to see them more slowly) and the tales of camaraderie sound like something not to be missed.

So why has it never really appealed? Continue reading “Preparing to be a Practical Pilgrim”

A Reading List for Shetland

The first in a series of posts collating books about a particular place.

I decided a while ago to start a series of posts where I collate all the books I know of that are associated with a particular place. Finally, I’ve got round to putting together the first of these posts. It took a lot longer than I thought! Continue reading “A Reading List for Shetland”

What I Read in February

My thoughts on the books I read last month.

I only read three books again in February. I’ve got so many books in my ‘to be read’ pile I really need to get back to reading 8-10 books a month like I used to.

I had a think about why I’m reading less these days and I don’t think I actually am reading less – I’m reading differently. Continue reading “What I Read in February”

People’s History Museum, Manchester

The People’s History Museum documents the history of ordinary working people with posters, banners and artifacts.

I’ve been to this museum a few times before, sometimes for talks and sometimes to just look around it. I always manage to learn something new.

This time I was looking around with a friend’s daughter who is currently studying in Manchester. As she was originally from Manchester, but moved away as a child, this was a good place to re-introduce her to her roots. Continue reading “People’s History Museum, Manchester”

A Photo Tour of the Trafford Centre

As I just happened to be near the Trafford Centre I thought I’d pop in and take some photos. This is the result.

Okay, so those of you who know the Trafford Centre well will be thinking, ‘What … ? She’s really scraping the barrel for things to write about now’.

But you’re wrong, I do have plenty of other things to write about. Continue reading “A Photo Tour of the Trafford Centre”

Is Sweden REALLY expensive?

Have you put off visiting Sweden because you’ve heard all the horror stories about high prices? This post might change your mind.

The simple answer is no.

And yes.

The not so simple answer is that it all depends on HOW you travel . Just like anywhere else really.

Read on to find out why I have never found Sweden to be particularly expensive. Continue reading “Is Sweden REALLY expensive?”

Latin America – A Big Fat Blank in My Knowledge and Experience

When it comes to Latin America I’m completely lacking in knowledge and experience. I need to rectify this.

I like to feel worldly. I’ve travelled a lot, read a lot about different countries, watched a lot of films about different countries, tried the food from many different countries, even studied many different countries. Basically what I’m trying to say (in case you haven’t figured it out) is that I’m knowledgeable about a lot of countries and have direct experience of a lot of countries.

But then there’s Latin America. Continue reading “Latin America – A Big Fat Blank in My Knowledge and Experience”

Fusilier Museum, Bury

You don’t have to be a military history buff to be fascinated by the many stories told in this museum.

I’m not particularly into military history which was a bit of a problem when I was given a unit of local history to teach. The unit  included lessons on the Lancashire Fusiliers which I was expected to plan myself. Fortunately Bury is home to the Lancashire Fusilier Museum so I took myself along one Saturday to do a bit of research and recce it for a potential class trip. Continue reading “Fusilier Museum, Bury”

What I Read in January

An overview of the books I’ve read recently.

I didn’t read as much as I expected to this month, especially considering I had the first week off work, but I did read three new authors (well, new to me at least). I also decided that I should try to work my way through the big pile of half finished books that sits by my bed. These aren’t books that I stopped reading because I didn’t like them, but rather because I got distracted by something else and never got back to them. Well, that didn’t happen either. Oh well, there’s always next month. Continue reading “What I Read in January”