SkyView – Seeing Stockholm from Above

Ascending the exterior of the world’s largest spherical building to get a last look at Stockholm.

I’d crammed every minute of the last four days with touristy activities and I’d loved every one of those minutes.

So I didn’t see why I should stop just because it was my final evening and I needed to collect my bags and head to the airport.

I could fit one last thing in surely? Well, one last thing before the very last thing which was to sleep in a hostel on a plane.

I took the subway to the appropriately named Globen. There is a globe at Globen and as I alighted from the train I could see it peeping above the buildings.


The Globe is a concert arena that just happens to be the world’s largest spherical building. It is also part of the ‘Sweden Solar System’ which is a scale model of the solar system runing the length of Sweden at a scale of 1/20million. Being the biggest sphere, the Globe represents the sun.

I wasn’t going to merely look at it however, or even attend a concert inside. I was going to stand on the very top and admire the view.


As intrepid as climbing up the exterior of the world’s largest sphere and standing on top of the sun might sound, I have to ‘fess up. There are a couple of gondolas that go up and down the outside all day and this was how I was getting to the top.

GlobenI’d bought a 3 day Stockholm Pass which had been really good value as it had covered the cost of my last three days sightseeing and my public transport. The SkyView gondolas are included in the Pass and wanting to well and truly get my money’s worth was another reason for squeezing this last activity into my itinerary.

I queued up to get a timed-ticket. Even though it was early evening it was still quite busy and I had to wait about 20 minutes.


The two gondolas are also spherical and as they are made mostly from glass give a good all round view. They are constantly going up and down, passing each at the midway point.

Globen Globen GlobenGlobenFrom the ground to the top of the Globe, 130m above, the journey takes about 10 minutes. Overall, the experience lasts about 20 minutes.

Globen Globen

The gondola perches on the very top of the Globe for a few minutes before beginning its descent.

GlobenThe views over Stockholm were great. I don’t think Stockholm is the prettiest city I’ve seen from above, but it was still lovely to see.

Globen GlobenAnd I loved the feeling the feeling of being on top of world. Sorry, I mean on top of the sun!

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