What I Read in June

Each month I look back at the books I’ve read and write a very brief review. This is what I read in June.

My reading plummeted again this month and I only managed to finish two books. I have so many books I want to read I get really frustrated when I don’t get the time. Still, it’s nearly time for my summer hols and so hopefully I’ll be able to do plenty of catching up. Read on to find out what I read in June. Continue reading “What I Read in June”

What I Read in April

I felt like April started so well as I read two books quite quickly and got started on a couple more. Then life got busy again and I didn’t finish them. Read on to find out what I read in April.

I had a bit more time to read during the first half of this month as I had a week of holiday at home followed by a week of sleeping alone in my van each night. Then it all got busy again and my reading went to pot. Here’s my recap of what I read in April. Continue reading “What I Read in April”

What I Read in March

I read four books in March. That’s a slight improvement on the past few months, but I did cheat a bit.

March was a bit of a cop-out. I’ve been reading so little already this year and March seemed like it would be even worse, so I cheated a bit to up my count.

I read four books this month – one more than the last few months (yay!), but one was a play I only needed to finish, one was a young adult/teenager book and one was a children’s book. I did read one adult novel, but it was a very easy read (so not so yay!).

Read on to find out what I read in March. Continue reading “What I Read in March”

A Reading List for Shetland

The first in a series of posts collating books about a particular place.

I decided a while ago to start a series of posts where I collate all the books I know of that are associated with a particular place. Finally, I’ve got round to putting together the first of these posts. It took a lot longer than I thought! Continue reading “A Reading List for Shetland”

What I Read in February

My thoughts on the books I read last month.

I only read three books again in February. I’ve got so many books in my ‘to be read’ pile I really need to get back to reading 8-10 books a month like I used to.

I had a think about why I’m reading less these days and I don’t think I actually am reading less – I’m reading differently. Continue reading “What I Read in February”

What I Read in January

An overview of the books I’ve read recently.

I didn’t read as much as I expected to this month, especially considering I had the first week off work, but I did read three new authors (well, new to me at least). I also decided that I should try to work my way through the big pile of half finished books that sits by my bed. These aren’t books that I stopped reading because I didn’t like them, but rather because I got distracted by something else and never got back to them. Well, that didn’t happen either. Oh well, there’s always next month. Continue reading “What I Read in January”

Reading the World

Looking for a good book (or six) to read as part of your travel preparations? I may be able to help.

When I go to a new place one of the things I like to do as part of my preparation (and whilst I’m there and when I’ve returned) is to read books by local authors and books either set in or about the area. Continue reading “Reading the World”

What I Read in December

These are the books I was reading in December

December has been a busy month and I don’t feel I’ve been able to settle to reading anything properly. So I suppose it was just as well I was mostly reading a book of short stories that I could dip in and out of without feeling I was losing the plot (literally and figuratively speaking). I also discovered a new author this month (well, new to me anyway. I seem to be the last person on the planet to have heard of Sara Paretsky) and another book on hygge. Continue reading “What I Read in December”

What I Read in November

I read a lot. Here are a few of the books I’ve been reading in November.

I’ve decided to trial a monthly post on the books I’ve read. Reading is an important part of my life and I love finding posts on other people’s blogs with their book recommendations. Continue reading “What I Read in November”