Andorra in Sculptures

Andorra is usually known for its ski resorts and its duty free shops. I think it should be known for its street art. There were sculptures everywhere. Even a Dalí. Walking the streets felt more like walking through a giant art gallery.

Last month I got to visit Andorra as part of a road trip from the south of France to Bilbao in Spain.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as the blogs I’d read on Andorra hadn’t been too enthusiastic about it. Not that there were many. Unless you’re a skier it seems to be a bit of a forgotten destination. Continue reading “Andorra in Sculptures”

Friday Flickr – Millesgården

Sunshine, sea and sculpture. A great way to spend my first day back in Stockholm.

For this week’s Friday Flickr I’ve returned to Sweden.

Millesgården, just outside of city centre Stockholm, is the former home of sculptor Carl Milles.

His house is now a gallery for sculpture and artwork. Best of all, the beautiful grounds, running down through terraced levels from the house to the sea, are a fabulous sculpture park.

I visited on my first day back in Stockholm when I returned from Northern Sweden. It was a hot, sunny, blue skies kind of day and Millesgården was the perfect way to spend most of it outside.

I took so many photos. I’d take a photo of a particular sculpture, then see if from a different angle or with a different backdrop and shoot a few more.

To access the Flickr album click on the image below.

Millesgården, Stockholm




The former home of Carl Milles is now a sculpture garden dedicated to his work.

Millesgården is fabulous. Especially on a hot, sunny day.

The Hand of God 1953

This was my first day in Stockholm after my travels ‘up north’ and I didn’t want to miss a moment of the sunshine by spending it indoors.


A metro from the hostel followed by a bus journey and a 10 minute walk brought me to the former home of sculptor Carl Milles and his wife Olga. The house and the beautiful garden were given to the people of Sweden in 1936 and now form a museum and stunning sculpture garden.

Europe and the Bull 1926

As Stockholm splashes itself across an archipelago, you’re never too far from water. Millesgården is no exception and the Baltic laps at the edges of the garden providing some lovely views.

MillesgårdenThe various parts of the garden have been designed to reflect different themes such as the Lower Terrace which was inspired by an Italian piazza (the Milleses spent many winters in Rome).

The Aganippe Fountain 1955

The house contains art and more sculpture.

Millesgården MillesgårdenA smaller, separate, house is known as ‘Anne’s House’. This was built in the 1950s when Carl and Olga returned from living in the USA. The house was lived in by Carl’s assistant, Anne. The house has been left as it was and the rooms can be viewed through glass panels.

MillesgårdenI spent pretty much the whole day wandering around and went completely overboard with the number of photos I took.

Spirit of Transportation 1952

Millesgården Millesgården Millesgården

The Dancing Girls 1917


Remus and Romulus

Millesgården’s website has a lot of information about the history of the house and garden and the stories behind the sculptures.