What I Read in June

Each month I look back at the books I’ve read and write a very brief review. This is what I read in June.

What I Read in June

My reading plummeted again this month and I only managed to finish two books. I have so many books I want to read I get really frustrated when I don’t get the time. Still, it’s nearly time for my summer hols and so hopefully I’ll be able to do plenty of catching up. Read on to find out what I read in June.

The Year of Living Danishly by Helen Russell

The Year of Living Danishly - what I read in June

London journalist leaves her busy life and accompanies her husband to a small town in Denmark when he gets a job working for Lego. Denmark always tops surveys for happiness and Russell wants to know why. Each chapter covers a different month and takes on a new theme. Along the way she finds herself adapting to the laid back Danes and agreeing to stay on for another year.

The book is written with a mix of humour and serious research (she interviews experts and ends her interviews by asking them to rate their level of happiness on a scale of 1-10 – most say around 9). It’s an easy, enjoyable read and although I’ve read similar books in the past, I still learnt a bit from this one.

Night School by Lee Child

Night School - what I read in June

This is a kind of prequel to Child’s many other Jack Reacher novels. Lone wanderer, Reacher, is still in the army and hasn’t yet set off on his life of lone wandering. He gets called back to army ‘school’ for what sounds like the most boring course ever, but of course it turns out to be a cover for a top-secret mission. Reacher finds himself heading for Europe where he is responsible for hunting down ‘lost treasure’ before the bad guys get it. No-one actually knows what the treasure is, just that it would be very bad in the wrong hands. Of course he succeeds against all the odds with the story twisting and turning along the way. I’ve yet to read a Lee Child book that I didn’t get completely caught up in and this was no exception.

What have you read recently? Share in the comments below.

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