People’s History Museum, Manchester

The People’s History Museum documents the history of ordinary working people with posters, banners and artifacts.

I’ve been to this museum a few times before, sometimes for talks and sometimes to just look around it. I always manage to learn something new.

This time I was looking around with a friend’s daughter who is currently studying in Manchester. As she was originally from Manchester, but moved away as a child, this was a good place to re-introduce her to her roots. Continue reading “People’s History Museum, Manchester”

A Photo Tour of the Trafford Centre

As I just happened to be near the Trafford Centre I thought I’d pop in and take some photos. This is the result.

Okay, so those of you who know the Trafford Centre well will be thinking, ‘What … ? She’s really scraping the barrel for things to write about now’.

But you’re wrong, I do have plenty of other things to write about. Continue reading “A Photo Tour of the Trafford Centre”

Fusilier Museum, Bury

You don’t have to be a military history buff to be fascinated by the many stories told in this museum.

I’m not particularly into military history which was a bit of a problem when I was given a unit of local history to teach. The unit  included lessons on the Lancashire Fusiliers which I was expected to plan myself. Fortunately Bury is home to the Lancashire Fusilier Museum so I took myself along one Saturday to do a bit of research and recce it for a potential class trip. Continue reading “Fusilier Museum, Bury”

Manchester Christmas Markets – A Photo Essay

Eat, drink and be merry at the Manchester Christmas Markets.

I’ve been to quite a few Christmas markets, both in the UK and in other parts of Europe and I have to say that Manchester Christmas Markets are the best. And no, that’s not just because I live here. Continue reading “Manchester Christmas Markets – A Photo Essay”

The Moravians at Fairfield – A Photo Essay

The Moravians have been in my home town for several hundred years, yet many people have no idea this beautiful settlement exists.

The place I live isn’t known for its aesthetic beauty, trendiness or cultural delights. If anything, it attracts more bad press than good. So it’s all the more surprising that somewhere like the Moravian Settlement at Fairfield exists here. It’s hidden away between two main roads and you could easily drive past it every day without realising it’s there. Continue reading “The Moravians at Fairfield – A Photo Essay”