Friday Flickr – Outer Hebrides: Mingulay

An abandoned island lying to the south of the Outer Hebrides is the theme for this week’s Friday Flickr.


I visited Mingulay as as day trip from Barra.

Mingulay was the southern most inhabited island in the Outer Hebrides until 1912 when it was finally abandoned, its remaining population unable to sustain their lives there any longer.

The remains of what were once family homes are now filled with sand and the occasional bird’s nest.

It was misty on the day I visited and this added to the air of mystery around the place.

I climbed the hill on the far side of the island and looked down on steep cliffs and swooping gulls.

Mingulay gave me a taster for what was to come when I visited St Kilda and I felt very privileged to have had the chance to visit. The island is less well known than St Kilda and although it lies closer to the inhabited islands it wouldn’t surprise me if it receives a lot less than the 3-4000 visitors St Kilda gets each year.

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Outer Hebrides - Mingulay

Do you think you’d like to visit somewhere like Mingulay? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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