GGW day 5

Friendly cats, ups and downs, too much road walking, but still no sign of Nessie.

Monday 22nd August, 2011

catsI got up early and trekked to the bus stop. It’s quite frustrating having to walk all the way round – walking past my tent 10 mins after I’ve just left it! I can understand why there’s no gate at this end of the campsite because if there was anyone could walk in and there could be quite a security issue. But I’m sure they could have put the vehicleless field nearer the main gate!

The bus back to Invermoriston was a lot more expensive than the one I’d got yesterday. Apparently there are different companies running the routes and they all have different prices. Oh well, it’s worth it, not to be carrying my heavy pack. I still have the pack with me as I don’t have a daypack, but it’s almost empty and really light.

Once in Invermoriston I bought a sandwich for breakfast and sat in the shop’s garden to eat it. A couple of friendly cats joined me and I fed them bits of hard-boiled egg from┬ámy sandwich.


I wandered round Invermoriston for a few minutes (really, that’s all it took) and bumped into the Canadian women again. The men had already set off walking (I saw them several times throughout the day), the women were taking the day off and going to get the bus to Urquhart Castle instead.

path through trees

stone benchThe path begins by climbing very steeply along a narrow road behind the shops. In no time at all I was well above them. The path continued to zigzag upwards, though not quite as steeply. It climbs about 215m in the the first mile. It then drops to about 110 metres. The path joins a forest road and continues to descend until it comes alongside the A82. The forest road then climbs again to about 300m before dropping down again to 120m. At least I couldn’t complain about it being flat today!

Loch Ness Loch Ness

The path climbs again towards Grotaig where it joins a small road. There are some paths at the side of the road, but a lot of the time I was walking on the road itself. This section is about 3 miles long and was very hard on my feet. Then I turned to descend on a gravel path before reaching the A82 and following this into Drumnadrochit.

the path Loch Ness

Drumnadrochit is the main hub for all things Nessie. There are a couple of Nessie exhibitions and lots of cafes and shops. I was too late and too tired to do much more than wait for the bus though.

Loch Ness

Distance walked = 14 miles

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