Stockholm From the Water

A boat trip was the perfect chance to sit down for an hour.

Stockholm from the water

Stockholm is a watery city. Built on the edge of the Baltic coastline, the city is the gateway to an archipelago of 30,000 islands and skerries.

Stockholm from the water

I didn’t have time to explore the outer reaches of the island area, but I couldn’t leave without spending at least some time on the water.

Stockholm from the water

Stockholm from the waterThe 3 day Stockholm Pass I’d bought had a scenic boat tour included and so early(ish) on my last morning I was standing in line for the first trip of the day.

Stockholm from the waterHaving spent the last three days racing around trying to do as much as possible, I was quite tired and was looking forward to starting my last day chilling out on a boat for an hour or so.

Stockholm from the waterStockholm from the waterIt was another lovely morning and would have been nice to sit out on deck, but the only seating was inside. I suppose this is practical for most of the year, but it was a shame that it couldn’t be opened up on such a nice day.

Stockholm tour boat

Having to take pics through the windows also meant that most of my photos have refections in them.

Stockholm from the water

Stockholm from the waterThe tour itself was worth doing despite the lack of fresh air and dodgy photos. The boat was comfortable and each seat came with a multi-lingual headset, so I was able to hear the commentary in English.

Stockholm from the water

Stockholm from the waterWe saw lots, including some places I recognised – Skansen and Vasa for example – and were given lots of information. Being tired and ready to relax a bit, I focussed more on what I was seeing than listening to the spiel.

Vasa from the water
Hey, I know that place! That’s Vasa.

I’ve put pics on here without much info because, well, I don’t really remember what I was looking at or where it was.

Stockholm from the water

Stockholm from the waterIt was a good way to start the morning though and by the time the tour was over, I’d woken up enough to race around making the most of my last day.

Stockholm from the water
I couldn’t not take a photo of this great big Viking ship.
Stockholm from the water
And this crane disguised as a giraffe was just too funny to miss.


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