Van Insurance

Insuring a van is really not easy (unless you’re self-employed that is).

It was such a lovely day today and I’ve wasted most of it sitting indoors at my desk in my study which doesn’t get any sun during the day. Why? Because I had to insure my van. I’ve got a week’s free insurance with it but that’ll only last till Wednesday. I thought it would be easy to switch my insurance from my car to the van, but no. Endsleigh doesn’t insure vans. So they’ve cancelled my policy and are sending me a refund for the remainder.┬áThis meant I had to find another insurance company. I’ve rang so many and done lots of searches online.

Specialist van insurance companies don’t want to insure me because I don’t have my own business. Campervan insurance companies don’t want to insure me because it’s not a proper campervan. Car insurance companies don’t want to insure me because it’s not a car. The few quotes I did manage to get were astronomical. Finally after hours of searching I found a broker who has insured me through Aviva. Whilst I was on the phone I ran my details through the quote section of Aviva’s website but the quote was several hundred pounds higher than the price the broker was getting for me. So I’ve gone with the broker.

I’m a bit miffed though that so many companies seem to think you should only own a van if you have your own business. Have these people no imagination?!

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